Gekkouka (Moonlight Bloom)

Hehehe…. after several hours, the song fic is done. Okay… I cheated a little on the song translation. But I rewritten most of the words anyway. Credits for the lyrics from and shadowstar415

A songfic based on the PV and song by Janne Da Arc. Gekkouka. And I did said I ❤ this song… XD

Moonlight Bloom (Word Count = 1056)

By Izumi Ishtar

She opened her eyes after a deep slumber. Rising from bed, she looked around puzzled over the sudden mistiness of her surroundings. She rose and fled the room, running around in search for other living souls spare herself. East to west, north to south had she fleeted. Upstairs to downstairs and around and out, she sees no other shadows other than hers. Her heart felt suddenly cold. She felt fear, and her thoughts wondered towards her one other…

I saw images of you through a sadly blooming flower.
Though I had loved the rain, it felt extremely cold today

He looked out towards the sky. The day was windy, yet chilling to the bone even though it was still late spring. It was a pleasant sensation to him, as the breeze brushed his exposed arm. He remembered his fondest memories with his other on days similar to this. Yet on that particular day, he felt no joy or happiness. Instead, he felt as if a hole had formed into the deep core of his heart.

In the night, the flowers swayed with the breeze, fleetingly. A flower petal fell towards the ground and I sighed…

She walked towards the vast garden. Towards the rows of Sakura trees, she stopped at a particular spot where she had often visited. She glanced towards the sky as it turned dark. She looked around again. Still no sign of anyone, even the one she had been looking for. The Sakuras were blooming all around her and despite the night’s sky covering the earth, the petals glowed brilliant pink. She continued walking towards the small lake nearby, as moonlight played on its reflections…

I’ll gather the shards of the moon to adorn my dreams and sleep. But even if I scatter the sands of time, I realized, I can never return to those days anymore.

He placed a hand against the dying tree, as if the tree too felt his loss. More petals litter the compounds. Two months, he muttered softly under his breath. Two months had he suffered this loss, this heavy burden of his heart. Reminiscence of lost times, the lost memories kept him going all this time. Yet he knew, nothing that he can do could bring back the things he yearned for.

I looked up at the sky, suddenly searching for you again…
I wonder… how many nights it will be for this sorrow to become my strength?

She looked up the sky as the light returned. Yet it was not a clear blue sky as she remembered it but a pinkish hue that made the world seemed unreal. She wondered where the rest of the nights and mornings had gone to. And had he gone to? Where everyone had went to, leaving her alone like this? Wandering endlessly by herself in this lush forest of sakura trees. She feared, yet she was not afraid. She wondered if time had stopped. She barely could remember how long had it been since she left the mansion…

Seasons change. Forests are stained. The wind plays a tune as my thoughts overflows…

Autumn arrived, and the forest remained as it had always have been since. New trees grow as the old ones died and returned to earth. The sakura petals are nowhere in sight, but the maples turning everything bronze. His eyes softened at the thought of her. As he watched the maple leaves fall with the wind, he remembered how it had been then. How they had walked together through the path… laughing and smiling…

I want to meet you, my beloved! I wanted to touch you, even though it pains me.
My hands will not reach you, but I can’t tell you. My wish will not come true… it was too far from my reach.
You are no longer here.

She collapsed to the ground. No matter how far she had gone, she returned to that spot under the tree. She could not escape, the path twisted until she was unsure where to go. She yearned to be free, to reunite with her beloved. I want to meet you, she shouted. Yet the forest answered nothing. Fearing that she might never see him again, she continued searching. Even though it will hurt her, even if it will cut her deep inside…

The flower knew that it will die and be scattered away, yet it continued to bloom towards their majesty…

Winter had almost reached its end, and spring will return. These blooms will emerge anew and colours will return to the land of white. He still knew that what he wanted would not come true. He knew the moment he received the news that her time was getting scarce. Yet she had continued smiling to him, giving him joy and light until the end.

I will gather shards of the moon to adorn my dreams and sleep. But even if I scatter the sands of time, I knew… I can never return to those days.

He screamed again for her presence. He called again for her light. It has been a year, but he did not care. He wished to meet her again… no, he still wanted to meet her. Even once, for one time meant an eternity for him. Even if he might lose his own light… he would take it, for that one chance in the whole world…

I want to meet you, my beloved! I wanted to touch you, even though it pains me.
My hands will not reach you, but I can’t tell you. My wish will not come true… it was too far from my reach.
You are no longer here.

He faintly heard his name being called. It sounded like her voice but he dared not believe. It must be a trick, a false image created by the mind. Yet he heard it again. He turned as the new spring sky turned to pink. And he smiled. And she smiled too. The cherry blossoms behind her glowed eerily unlike the ones behind him. Yet it did not scare him as he stepped closer. She did the same as both extended their hands towards each other. Their fingers touched as they locked their arms into each other. Both of them cried in happiness.

At long last… they were together. Forever and in eternity.

~ by Izumi Ishtar on January 14, 2007.

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