Jigsaw Puzzles

Haha…. after a while… a random musing from me. non FFic material… an orific. Perhaps I’m gonna list this as CF related… haha. In other words, fictions that may have some guest appearance from the flist… depending on how inspired I am…

Well… here it is… and yes. This fic is based on me.

Jigsaw Puzzles

By Izumi Ishtar


The sound of that one puzzle piece finding another match intrigues her. She picked another, and found another… as she placed them to another portion of the wide table. Those pieces do not match, thus she put them aside for later. She randomly picked another and gasped in glee as she found where the piece had belonged and popped it beside the other pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. A sibling passed by her, sighing on why she had bothered over that 500 piece jigsaw puzzle. She ignored it. Who cares if the puzzle had been solved by her before in like thirty times? Who cares if the puzzle was actually a large pokemon puzzle? Who cares if it was hard to do it? At least doing a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle gave her more satisfaction in completing it rather than doing a 50 piece puzzle that consisted of overly large individual piece?

She smiled to herself as several pokemons had revealed themselves to her after managing to pieced about 70 separate pieces of the puzzle together. Sure, there were holes all over where she hadn’t yet pieced together. But she was still feeling excited. The first time she ever start on that same puzzle, it took her half an hour to complete a quarter of the puzzle. But now, it took her just under ten minutes to complete one third of it. Possible because she had still remembered the full picture of it. Or that she was just plain lucky. Who knows?

Doing the jigsaw puzzle somehow had a calming effect on her. It made her think. Made her think of how she had viewed the world through her eyes. Oh no… she’s not going to exclaim to everyone of some cheesy catch phrases. Well, at least the Forrest Gump movie did nothing to inspire the thought. Yeah… I’m not going to wonder about that ‘Life’s like a box of chocolate’ gibberish. Haha.

But she did thought about it. Call it cheesy… but she really do believe that: Life and the fact of us being humans, is like a jigsaw puzzle. She snickered as images of friends ridiculing this line of thought flashed into her mind. But then, at the moment… she did find truth in it.

Let see, in order to appreciate the marvel of any jigsaw puzzle piece you have to first gather and complete the puzzle in its entirety! Because certainly there are some missing pieces, it will feel incomplete and cannot be fully appreciated for its beauty. Well, life is quite like that and you can easily that in people when they strived to find their own reason to live, to complete their life’s meaning… solving their own personal puzzle of life. Because truth be told, if you randomly pick any jigsaw piece you can’t call it the whole thing because that was just be weird. And ever since we were born into the world, we’ve been putting up and building up these pieces of puzzles that shaped who we are.

And piecing together a piece of a jigsaw puzzle is also like getting to know people. Like the saying, ‘you can’t judge a book by its cover’ you cannot judge a person’s character by basing it on the only one part that you saw in that person. As you get to know a friend, you started to find out more about their background, personality… random attributes that portray your friend. Of who they are in person, how they had lived life that shaped them into being who they are and how… those details helped you piece out the complete portrayal of that friend. She smiled again. There are a lot of reasons that she had loved and cherished the friends she has had currently. It was like magic or was it? But clearly, having maintained these bonds of friendship and continuing to learn more of each other and spend time with each other, with her friends—it gave her a sense of joy.

That made her think more. A puzzle piece, have to be combined together with the other pieces in order to form a complete picture. It makes her think of why, a person should have friends, and families… and comrades. Because a person cannot survive by being alone throughout their lives. Because that would be so lonesome, and she hated being alone. She hated being left by herself, without anyone else to keep her company… to share experiences with. Some people might… but she knew the notion would drive her crazy.

She sighed. There was a reason why she was fond of doing jigsaw puzzles during her idle hours. Too fond of it, more like.

Another girl standing nearby grinned as she watched how so full of concentration was her friend while musing over the pieces of jigsaw puzzles that she still could not piece together on the table. She chuckled as she went to the kitchen to get some snack.

‘Izzu… don’t forget to eat while you’re at it. Your lunch is getting colder!’, said Naoko as she popped a straw onto the vitagen bottle. She picked up an instant mee packet as she sipped the drink. Izumi glanced up towards her friend as she grinned at her own silliness. There you go again… musing on some random things again, she thought. But still, she had loved doing jigsaw puzzles…

~ by Izumi Ishtar on February 10, 2007.

2 Responses to “Jigsaw Puzzles”

  1. great piece of writing
    -from someone who does puzzles

  2. Thank you. Inanimate things does give me random ideas. XD

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