Old Nightmare scripts

Okay. I had been revamping my second earliest Saiyuki fanfic which ended up me deleting the whole lot of it and rewriting. And I’ll only count the words that I had written on this years. and not counting the ones that I had rewritten since that’s cheating. XDDD.

Well… here it is. Some of the scripts for the last concluding chapter and climax.

If anyone wanted to read the revised chapters… the link’s here.


They turned as they saw Jinno among several of his surviving men. The youkai was chanting again as Sanzo saw the orb on his neck chain glowed. The same illusion trick, is it?

‘Be careful everyone…’, warned Sanzo az the four tensed for what they thought will come.

To their surprise, a mist covered the desert. Or more like, a mist covered the area around them. Goku tensed, as he felt the aura of danger. Hakkai glanced around; Hakuryuu remained perched on his shoulder. He would have let the white dragon flee to safety normally, but somehow this time he felt safer having the dragon near him.

‘I don’t like this. This smells fishy…’, said Gojyo as Sanzo retort back at him.

‘Like hell do you think any of us feel? For one, I sure doesn’t want the enemy to dig into my head to find out—‘, Sanzo gasped as he saw a flicker of an image. No, more like a silhouette of a youkai. One that looked like the very same one who had killed his sensei, whose claws had pierced through his sensei and barely touched his forehead before the Maten Sutra suddenly glowed and banished the youkai into dust. But, that youkai was already dead! Why suddenly… and why on earth was he thinking of it right now? Much less seeing… or imagining the image of it seen in front of him?

‘Sanzo, what—?’, cried Hakkai as he heard Sanzo’s cry of surprise before his heart leapt in horror. Chin Issou suddenly appeared and disappeared in a flash of an eye, the same wicked smile on his lips.

‘What the hell?’, cried Hakkai as he saw Kami-sama; or the wanna-be-sanzo-who-was-not-one-and-had-been-a-bane-in-their-past-encounter, flickered over the far side of his line of sight.

‘Shit, what is this?’, exclaimed Gojyo as he saw a ghost of his late step-mother and that ugly spider-woman whom they had fought when they first started this journey to the west.


Sanzo turned towards Goku as he barely caught the lad, who had almost collapsed in shock. He looked up towards the person that the lad had been staring at. ‘Who—?’, he could barely heard Goku muttered under his breath as he felt a slight recognition at the sight of the man.

‘Li Touten?’, he muttered aloud to the surprise of Goku, Hakkai and Gojyo. Why…? Suddenly he felt he knew this man who smiled this cynical smile at them? How did he even knew of this man’s name?

The image of Li Touten dissolved into thin air as Homura, Shien, Zenon… as well as their other past enemies emerged and disappeared in the mist that was neither dry nor cold.

‘What is this nonsense!’, Sanzo heard himself shout aloud. ‘If you think by making us see again our past enemies whom we’ve fought and killed could shake and weaken us, you’re so dead wrong! There’s no way we’ll be that weak—!’

‘On the contrary—‘

Suddenly the mist around them swirled as if being sucked by a big worm hole and their visions cleared. The four of them turned to find the mist, now looking more like shadowy cloth, swirling into little clumps and entering the jewel on Jinno’s neck chain. Sanzo frowned still.

‘—that was not what I am planning after all—‘, said the youkai again as several darts and shurikens appeared on his hands. The youkai smiled. ‘Since you guys had took most of my men out on our earlier encounter, I had to get my reinforcements somewhere—‘, Jinno said again as he jumped towards them, along with the remaining member of his party. The youkai threw the darts towards the four as they evade easily.

‘Hah! Do you think that settled—‘, a wave of piercing sharp claws nicked his right arm as Gojyo swerved around, summoning his shakujo. He swung it across a youkai who had a splitting image of his step-mother as it turned to dust. A single dart fell onto the sand as he gave a cry.

‘Shikigami? What the hell!’, he gasped as he turned around. Immediately he was greeted with the most peculiar sight of all. Other than some… no, a whole lot of youkai—heck, had he’d seen some of them long time ago, he wouldn’t be able to tell a difference at all—he saw to his disbelief, that his other three companions were fighting the enemies whom he thought they already had defeated in their past journeys!

Gojyo gasped as he moved away, as ‘Zenon’ hurled another wave of bullets towards him. His opponent kept attacking him without any word, but then… this was supposed to be a shikigami, this ‘Zenon’ would not be like the real one after all. Well, not that he missed the real Zenon very badly though. And also at least, that machinegun was not the real one… so another reason not to worry much. Okay, the bullets hitting him will not be pleasant still… but at least he won’t die that easily…

Gojyo somersaulted over the shiki-Zenon as he finished it of with a wave of his shakujo. The shikigami dissolved with a cloud of debris and another dart dropped to the ground. Another youkai lunged at him as he waved his shakujo again. The blade flew as far as the chain could let it as it wrapped around the figure. He managed to take a look over face of the attacker as he gave a tug over his weapon. The figure turned to dust and yet another shuriken dropped to the ground. Heh, he thought he already forgotten that spider-woman already.

Hakkai blasted another wave of ki as it wiped out another dozen of youkai and shikigami. Not like he felt any need to get the fight quickly finished, but seeing his old enemies whom he doesn’t want to see again popping up like it hadn’t already died ages ago was not his cup of tea either. Nor did he like seeing images of some of the enemies whom he had a slight sense of respect like Shien to be manipulated like a puppet by some annoying youkai. No, he wanted this battle to end. Pronto.

Sanzo reloaded another round of bullets as he shot some more towards the incoming enemies. Youkai… shikigami, what the hell do he care? Did only thing he should care at the moment was finishing the rest of this spare baggage of their way.

‘Homura’ suddenly waved his sword towards him as Sanzo look a fallen broad knife to stop the sword from plunging down on him. He pushed the sword away as he aimed his gun at him.


Sanzo cursed silently. What a bloody good timing for his bullets to run out! The shikigami ‘Homura’ dissolved into debris as Goku’s nyoibou pierced through him. Goku grinned at him.

‘Sorry I’m late—‘, said Goku as Sanzo cried out in alarm. ‘Li Touten’ appeared with his large blade as he struck down on Goku. Sanzo immediately inserted one bullet into the slots for his gun and shot that one bullet into the shiki. The shiki disappeared as Sanzo rushed to Goku’s side.

‘Goku!’, cried Sanzo as he lifted the lad in alarm. Goku did not reply as Sanzo grew more anxious. Hakkai and Gojyo hurried over as they took down a few more youkai that wanted to ambush them.

Blood was gushing from the large gash on Goku’s forehead. To his alarm, Sanzo watched Goku’s diadem dropped to the ground into two. Somehow the earlier attack managed to broke the metal that was Goku’s diadem. Don’t ask how that happened, even he was not so sure about it. That special metal made from the heavenly ki of the gods was something that he does not become familiar about. Over how strong was the material or was it breakable to any extent. A flash of golden light enveloped the boy as he reverted into his real form, but Goku remained unconscious.

‘Hakkai—!’, cried Sanzo as the man knelt beside him. He immediately hover his hands over Goku’s head to heal his wounds but stopped as he noticed that Goku was in his true form.

‘What the hell are you waiting for?’, urged Sanzo impatiently as Hakkai closed the wound anyway. Gojyo looked over cautiously as he stopped to take a peek. Hakkai cried as he got up hastily and punched a youkai down.

‘Gojyo! You should have kept watch!’

‘Sorry… my bad!’

Sanzo gave a little grunt as he placed a hand over Goku’s head…


‘Hey… wake up!’


‘Wake up you… sleepy head!’

‘Who’s that?’

A snicker greeted his ears.

‘Your favourite person still needs your assistance! You can’t possibly want to keep lying down like this while he kept fighting along, aren’t you?’

Goku opened his eyes to find himself in a blank space. To his surprise, Homura was standing before him. The actual Homura. The man smiled.

‘Are you really that irresponsible? I thought you really wanted to protect him all the time—‘

Goku frowned at him. ‘Of course I still want to! I—‘

‘Then wake up, stupid!’

Goku glared at him before noticing that he was in his true form. ‘Eh… but, if I wake up now—‘

‘How long has it been since you’ve defeated me, Son Goku?’

Goku looked back at him in surprise. He hadn’t expected that question.

‘How long since then had you been without your limiter? How strong have you been, since then?’

Goku blinked as he thought in wonder. Yes, since that last time he ever saw Homura alive, he had been stronger. Much stronger. And no, he hadn’t since got into any more situations where he had parted with his diadem for any reason…

Homura strode towards him as he placed both his hands on his shoulders. ‘Then you’d be fine. Trust me…’

Trust me…


A hand grabbed his wrist just as he was about to chant the tantra verse, meant to summon enough spiritual energy to conjure another diadem for Goku. Sanzo gasped. Goku’s eyes opened slowly. Not the eyes of the pet that he always knew, but the eyes of Seiten Taisei Son Goku. It was a beautiful pair of eyes but yes, it was still his Goku’s eyes. He’d seen those eyes before but this time somehow, the aura felt different. It was not the same feeling that Seiten Taisei had always given him whenever it had stared at him like this. Because of that, he felt numb without any other thoughts. What should he do now?

Goku smiled at him. Yet this was not his usual smiles, at least what Goku in this form usually gave him. He sat up as Sanzo remained stunned. Goku placed a hand on his shoulder as Hakkai turned and gave a cry of alarm—

Gojyo turned as suddenly Goku disappeared from view. Hakkai and Gojyo spun around as to their surprise; two demons that had been rushing towards them disappeared in a blink of an eye as well as another batch of them. Hakkai came to Sanzo’s aid as the man returned from his dumbfounded stupor.

‘Are you alright, Sanzo?’, he asked as Sanzo nodded his head in confusion.

‘You sure about that?’, asked Gojyo as Sanzo gave him an irritated glare. ‘Idiot!’, dissed Sanzo as the three glanced towards the direction of the sunset.

Jinno, the youkai leader was battling someone; supposedly Goku, as his female counterpart fell. He lurched forward as in a blink of an eye, they spotted Goku and both of them faced off and remained still. The three of them had wondered what had happened, as although they had not moved, the same could be said about the rest of the demon coup. And each and every one of them self-destructed as Jinno remained as the only remaining youkai left alive.

It was then they noticed a glitter of a jewel falling over Jinno’s side and shattered into pieces. No wonder, with that jewel destroyed… the rest of the shikigami that he had created using the power of that orb would have turned back into nothing.

Jinno cried in madness as Goku finished him off with a swipe of his nyoibou. The three of them remained still as Goku turned and walked towards them.

Hakkai and Gojyo tensed as they backed away a little. Okay… this was the time to get worried. Suddenly they paused as Sanzo’s hand came up into the air, signaling them to drop their stance.

Goku stood still, several meters away as Sanzo walked up towards him.

‘Sanzo—!’, cried Hakkai in concern as Hakkuryu returned to him. He had almost forgotten about the white dragon.

‘Don’t worry…’, came the short retort from Sanzo as the man stopped, now standing face to face with Goku. Hakkai and Gojyo held their breath in suspense.


Sanzo frowned as he stood face to face with the saru. And now what?

Suddenly Goku smiled in sincere as he shoved his hands towards Sanzo. As if saying that he was surrendering himself to Sanzo. Sanzo bit his lips. What the hell with this gesture?

Sanzo slapped his hands away as he glared at the saru.

‘What the hell? Do you think you are my prisoner all this while? What the—‘, Sanzo froze as Goku caught one of his hands and placed it on his forehead.

‘It’s okay. You don’t need to get angry. Just do it.’

Somehow the voice felt alien to him. Sure, it was still Goku. But this side of Goku he had never heard of before. And somehow he felt rather pissed at him. Somehow this Goku made him feel like the kid was trying to mock him.

Sanzo started chanting the tantra as a golden ring emerged around Goku’s forehead. Goku’s lips moved as if saying something as he returned to normal. He caught the kid deftly as Goku collapsed. Asleep again… like he usually did every time Sanzo had sealed Goku’s true form.

Hakkai and Gojyo rushed over him, as he absentmindedly convinced them that he was okay. That silenced them as Hakkuryuu turned into the jeep. He carried Goku, as he got onto the back of the jeep and ordered Gojyo to sit in front as they returned to the town. It was late after all, and the sun had already set. They were all tired. But Sanzo still felt uncomfortable as he glanced down towards Goku.

Arigatou, the kid had said before he fell into unconsciousness. What the hell was that supposed to be for anyway?

Silly… bakasaru!



Sanzo opened his eyes a bit as he saw that the monkey was still sleeping. He closed his eyes again in annoyance.

‘Sanzo? Are you there?

He opened his eyes again as he glared towards the sleeping boy. This is getting irritating, he thought as he rested his head across Goku’s futon instead. Sure, the room had a bed… but everyone was tired anyway and he didn’t feel like putting the kid on the bed. And Hakkai was damn tired to have immediately slumped onto the bed head first.

He had thought nothing more as he himself had collapsed with Goku on the futon and fallen asleep himself. It was a tiring day for all of them. Okay… most of them, as Gojyo had gone off earlier to get some air. Who knows where the guy is now. Heck, probably on the other futon behind him. Not that he cared to check. Ahh… whatever.

Sanzo clumsily draped his arm over Goku as he pulled the lad closer to him. ‘Be quiet now, idiot. I want to sleep too—‘, mumbled Sanzo under his breath. Seconds later, it was Sanzo’s breathing grew steadier as he again fell asleep.


Gojyo lifted his head as he caught Sanzo stirring about and return to slumber. And what’s this about scolding Goku to sleep.

He-he-he-he-he-he… that was funny. Yeah right…

‘Shut up!’, came the sudden shout. Gojyo snorted as he went back to sleep.


‘Sanzo… hey, are you still dreaming?’

Sanzo bit his lips again at being disturbed again. What with people and their fondness to interrupt his sleep where ever he went? Is that a sport or something?

‘Whaa—?’, Sanzo cried as he jerked himself up, only to be greeted by the one person who he had not expected to appear in his dreams.

Homura grinned at him. ‘Shocked? Or pleased to see me again?’

Sanzo threw a big rock at his face as Homura chuckled at him. ‘That was a joke, Konzen!’, he exclaimed after chortling aloud. No wonder he had always looked so tensed.

‘Shut up. And no talking behind my back, even if it was only in your thoughts!’

That sent Homura laughing again. Honestly, Homura appeared to be more cheerful to him, now after he supposedly died months ago.

‘Okay, enough teasing. Let’s go.’, Sanzo lifted his brow at him. ‘What? Where?’

‘He wants to see you.’


Homura shrugged as he dragged him to the center of the field. Sanzo gasped as his eyes met another of golden orbs. Goku. No…

Seiten Taisei Son Goku.


Goku grinned. ‘So this is how you looked with normal human clothes—’

Sanzo glanced at himself as he glared back at the boy. He was wearing a plain shirt and trousers. ‘So—?’

The lad chuckled as he ran and wrapped his arm around him. He looked up as Sanzo glare bore down on him. Despite that ears and long hair, the kid still managed to appear mischievous to him. Oh wait; didn’t he always have that kind of look? Oh shit, screw it. Not telling that he was really fond of that side of Goku. No! Why the hell you wanted to know? Get off from my head! You silly author! Even in my own dreams I will not let anyone know how I cared about Goku! Didn’t you hear me?


Sanzo took a minute out of the storyline to kick the author who was as mischievous as Homura.


‘Sankyuu—’, said the lad as Sanzo frowned again.

‘Again with the thankyous, what’s up with that?’, he asked. And make the answer in plain language since he was in no mood to be cryptic.

Goku smiled. ‘Thank you for staying with me… ever since when you used to be Konzen. And now as Genjo Sanzo. Thank you for still bearing with my antiques, for looking after me the way you always do. Thank you… because of being here.’

Sanzo blushed beet red as Homura laughed heartily at this. The monk glared at the former toushin ghost or whatever he was now. No, he don’t care if this was a dream! No one making fun of him and survived! Someone must pay for this humiliation!

‘Sanzo?’, Sanzo glanced back towards Goku.

‘Sorry for what happened in the past. Even though I was not affected by the Minus Wave like those normal youkai, I had often gone berserk on you guys whenever my limiter went off—’

Sanzo snorted aloud. ‘That was all in the past. Anyway, I had always kept you in check. You should be apologizing to those two idiots, not me. I’m not the one that was heavily bashed whenever you went berserk on us.’

‘Haha—then I should really said sorry to you guys—’

Sanzo blinked as he turned around to see Gojyo and Hakkai behind him, looking as clueless as he was at seeing each other in this supposed dream. Even then, he took note that Shien and Zenon were here too. Perhaps, like Homura here, they had gone leading the two to this spot.

‘Sanzo—’, he turned as the kid spoke again. ‘I guess this would be the last time we’ll meet. Until that final moment—’

Sanzo gasped aloud.


Goku glanced up towards him. ‘Something that I should do for Nataku’s sake—’, he said as suddenly words seemed to escape his mind. He doesn’t understand this. What has this got to do with…

GyuuMaoh. The demon who had refused the peaceful way of life among humans and demons and remained preying over humans as he liked. Five hundred years ago, he was killed by the warrior god, Nataku by the heavens—

What was that having to do with Goku. Sure… Sanbutsushin had ordered him as well as the three of them to stop the resurrection of that demon. But he never thought there was anything else other than that.


He glared back at the kid with suppressed anger. Oh, so now you acted as if you can read my minds also, eh? Goku snorted. Sanzo sat down onto the grown as he grew irritated at being taunted at. Goku wrapped his arm around his neck.

‘Hah… Konzen, you’re an idiot!’ Thank you…

‘What the hell? Don’t speak as if it was your parting words—’ For showing me how it could feel like. To have someone who cared deeply for you…

‘Hey… saru—!’, cried Gojyo as well as Hakkai, who cried his name aloud.

Seiten Taisei Son Goku held Sanzo tightly as he kept his glance towards the other two.

‘Ken-niichan, Ten-chan… thank you very much! For everything. Konzen… I’m glad, I’ve got a chance to meet and know you—’



Sanzo woke up startled as Hakkai and Gojyo also woke up at the same time. Hakkai glanced at him in alarm as Gojyo and him exclaimed at the same time, ‘—I had a strange—’

‘—dream.’, said Sanzo in surprise as he uttered the name. ‘Homura—‘, he spoke as the other two uttered the remaining name of the former toushin’s comrades as he continued, ‘—led me to meet Seiten Tai—!’

Immediately their attentions were averted towards their remaining member of the party that had remained asleep. Sanzo, Hakkai and Gojyo shook the lad hastily as they cried his name aloud.

‘Goku! Goku!!’

Goku woke up groggily as he moaned. ‘What? Breakfast already?’, he exclaimed as he was greeted by the most unexpected welcome. Sanzo pinched him hard on his hips as Goku yelped in surprise.

‘What the hell, Sanzo? That hurts!’, the boy cried as Sanzo laughed, heartily. Gojyo ruffled the lad’s head as Goku shouted again. ‘That hurt also, ero-kappa! I got hit badly on the head, you idiot!’

Hakkai chuckled as Hakuryuu jumped on his laps and licked Goku’s cheeks with delight. Sanzo wrapped his arm around the boy as he exclaimed. ‘Thank goodness you’re still alive, idiot—’

‘Huh? Since when I’ve been injured to the stage that I might die? Did you guys had a weird dream or something?’, asked Goku.

Hakkai cheered.

‘Yeah. We had a very bad nightmare after all…’


‘So, that’s how they wanted to do it. Is it? And that boy’s last message; the one that he couldn’t pass over to those three, five hundred years ago. Haha… so this is how you’d like to conclude it, the past attachments? How amusing, and still the other matter have remained unfinished. Till then, their journey to the west will continue. Towards the path of life that they seek.’, said Kanzeon Bosatsu by herself as she watched the events unfolding from her lily pond.

‘They had found their path, what would you choose instead?’, she queried, as Nataku’s form remained unmoved. ‘Until when will you wait in silence? Until when will you stop running away from your reality? Should you wait till they found their answers? Alas, those questions… you are the only one who could answer. Isn’t it, Nataku—?’, asked the deity again as she eyed another soul that she had kept safe until recently. She smiled, ‘Until then, would you also show him your answer—?’


~ by Izumi Ishtar on February 21, 2007.

2 Responses to “Old Nightmare scripts”

  1. I’ve read the first 8 chapters on ff and i’m finishing off this story as the last aand i love these stories. The only thing i’m confused on is this is sanzo goku lovers or father and son inthe early stages or not? just a question

  2. XDDDD Since I’m lazy to login. Well… The fic was more into the interaction between Sanzo and Goku and how it would affect them should the part of Goku’s past was made known to Goku. And no… to me, as I viewed the relationship between Goku and Sanzo; it was more than just lovers or guardian or something.

    Because it was clear in the manga that Goku and Sanzo need each other in their life in more ways than one. I should not say they were exactly lovers, but I can see Sanzo is like a family, guardian, caretaker, support, and everything to Goku and vice versa. Because I can see that Sanzo not the kind of person to accept anyone in his life the way Goku and Koumyo do and Hakkai and Gojyo is in his life. And I’d like to explore that concept on how they wanted to continue living.

    The aspect of romance… more like unimportant to me. Yeah, that thinking and the relationship between the two in the original Saiyuki played a part to influencing the way I’m writing this story.

    And I darn hope that I could muster another strength to continue the rewrite. because yeah… this fic was once my first best work and I wanted to fix it.

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