The path of the samurai…

The path of a samurai… (1098)

Written by Izumi Ishtar


‘So… are you in?’

Can I? I had never done anything like this before. Can I be brave enough to face this challenge? It’s only some kind of sport anyway. I had thought the same when I first thought I’m not good at sprinting and running, and I ran like the wind nowadays especially when agitated and when driven…

‘Or are you going to finish your late lunch first before playing?’

I nodded. Just because I had nothing in particular to say. And I rather step up there when I felt like I’m up to the challenge, not when I’m still hesitating. It’ll be a waste of time and effort… something that I had not liked to do normally. And besides… the bun was tasty. It had a slice of turkey, chicken and cheese and even though it was covered with flour I didn’t really mind eating it even as it stained my mouth and hands.

So… you intend to chicken out, are you?

My eyes snapped open as Zymz giggled at me, as traces of flour were seen all over my face. I grinned as I wiped them clean. She entered the batting gate area as Nao’s brother came out. Absentmindedly holding the bat, Zymz unexpectedly hit the softball one-handed as if it was tennis. All of us laughed as I glanced at my foot.

Chicken out? Me? When I didn’t try anything as off yet?

I looked up as I watched my friend played the one-man softball like a samurai. Haha, if this was in a different setting… it would have looked amusing.

All this time I have wanted to face new challenges in my life. Trying on new things, experience different set of adventures. Walking forward with confidence, fight off my inner fears and insecurities. To break away from the set path that trapped me into being the insecure, uncertain and lacking confidence of a person that was me. One who often tries to trick itself away from facing its own lack of courage? Am I the type of person to give up like this? I bit my lips.

No—enough running away! There is always time to face your fears. That fear of failing will not go away at once even if you had faced it once; but with practice, that fear can be overcome. That’s how life should be, right? To be bold and reckless and just ram into any obstacles and set your own path the way you wanted to live your own life. And definitely I’m no chicken… I’m born of the year of the Rat, not saying I’m a chicken…


‘I’m going in.’

Nao turned and smile at me as she gave me the bat and the helmet. I placed my remaining lunch away along with my bag. I held the bat, weighed it as I can feel the dynamics.

I had always wanted to trash something… someone with an actual bat after all. To just release the negative force, you know… like the dark vibes whenever you’re pissed at someone but your own conscience detract you from doing things that could hurt people.

This should be fun…

Oh yes that will be.

I stood before the gate entrance as I was getting ready to exchange. At the signal, I entered and brushed pass Zymz after she hit that last ball. I readied my stance as the first shot came out. I missed several as my friends at the back tried to give pointers to me. I bit my lips.


Haha. I sounded like Sanzo…

I took a deep breath. Where’s Obiwan when you need him? Please… I wanted someone to say “Use the force, Luke. Let go….” at me. I grit my teeth again. Let’s try the samurai approach. What would Kambei-sama say if I was like Katsushiro-dono trying to practice his kata? And what was the use of practicing the kata earlier? I swing. Missed again.


My line of sight was minimal, but although I had not seen it… I thought I had sensed the ball flying inches from the bat when I had swing it around. So what if I adjusted the angle of the swing and twisted my body a little…

Missed. But that was because of wrong timing. That’s it.

Yellow light. Ball dropped down the shoot. Red light. This is it.

One, two… swing!

I felt the ball hit bat as the ball ricochet forward. A loud cheer greeted me from the back. Hehehe. Good one… samurai.

Let’s don’t get cocky on this…

Yes Han Solo… I heard you. Concentrate!

Yellow light. Red…

Swing! Another hit! Haha… I found my rhythm!

Follow the path of the bushido…

I grinned. My alter mind was a nice sarcastic personality to amuse me in times like this. An image of myself garbed with samurai attire and a katana came to mind. That was so cool!

Pop! Swing… missed! Pop! Swing… ahh! That was a good shot!

I barely can hear the various commentaries from the back at how I managed to score. Not bad for a rookie… is it? Hail the greenhorns!

I flashed an evil grin. I doubted anyone at the back would see me sneered evilly like this. Unless they were watching me from another angle. Okay, samurai… imagine a battle field in front of you, that ball was the enemy…

Swing. Hit! I snorted silently.

The confidence was glowing from inside of me, that warm feeling that I usually had only when I had been play-acting with friends. The only times I felt that I could force out that bold character in me to appear and achieve victory. Something that I had hard times in the past to tap into, other than when I had been track-running or sprinting. This positive force… this feeling of total freedom, unrestricted from the unseen barriers. How easy had this persona appeared in my self and allowing me to tap into it? The lion sneer remained pasted as I felt the confidence shining inside of me.

Several shots missed and hit.

‘Are you tired yet?’

‘No…’, I replied still grinning. The momentum of the speeding balls and the counter force that was from the bat was exhilarating! The force… is around me. Haha!

I backed out as we exchanged turns and continued batting in turns for another round. Once the session ended, we left… me, feeling as accomplished as if I had manage to slay all my enemies thus keeping the harm from the daimyo successfully. That was good sport.

Not bad, huh? Rookie samurai…?

~ by Izumi Ishtar on February 26, 2007.

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