late post + new other posts

Because procastinating comes in many forms…

Buried Soul

Summary: A ficlet centered on Lelouch’s past as to how it probably started.

Chapter 2

Word count = 814 words

Chapter 3

Word count = 2,094 words

Shadow Sun

Summary:  A Whatif plot that I thought of. Fate is something that he could not control, and the present is changing in a way that his future may end differently. The choices that lay before Lelouch, how it may change his life… only fate can tell.

Chapter 4

Word count = 1,437 words

Of Pizzas and Strawberry Sundaes

Summary: Dante decided to eat out with Patty after getting his reward money from his demon hunting jobs. To what seemed to be a bad karma, Lady and Trish decided to tag along. Will this turn out to be a bad day for Dante? ONESHOT. Edited. DanteXTrish. Animeverse

Word count = 2, 030 words

ETA: Some of the word count on my Geass fics aren’t published since I’m planning to be rewriting this series (Shadow Sun) once I’m done with NaNoWriYe.

~ by Izumi Ishtar on July 3, 2007.

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  1. very interesting. i’m adding in RSS Reader

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