Rise from the Ashes – Chapter 1

Reposting the fic here… but with adjustments to the Japanese localization of Gyakuten Saiban. If you’d like to read the English character localization, feel free to read it here.


Title: Rise from the Ashes
Chapter title: Turnabout Fate
Genre: General/Drama
Fandom: Gyakuten Saiban
Rating: G
Summary: Post GS4. After the conclusion of the Ese Makoto’s case as well as the success of the first trial case for the Jurist System, young Odoroki was left to wonder what was to become of one former Ace Attorney.


Odoroki Housuke was frustrated. It has been three weeks since that fateful case, yet nothing much has changed. He thought after that case, something big would start to happen around this place. Or so he hoped. That day after the case, Naruhodou-san had said that perhaps he would try retaking the Bar Exam to become an attorney again. That one statement of his had made him happy; because after all, Naruhodou Ryuuichi had been his idol all this time. For the legendary attorney to return into the courts is something like a dream come true. He, of all people; would never let such chances to slip past his fingers! He wanted to learn more of Naruhodou-san’s skills and knowledge as a defense attorney. Reading up on his old cases just will not do, he needed to see him in action by his own eyes!

That one statement had spurred back his hopes of seeing the legendary Naruhodou Ryuuichi back in action. It raised his hopes so high, he could have gone singing aloud using his Chords of Steel!

But alas, after three weeks waiting in anticipation… the only thing that Odoroki had observed happening around the agency, was for Naruhodou-san to start taking a proper piano lesson and actually made some progress on his piano playing. Well, err… sort of. So far, Naruhodou-san had only managed to play some simple songs smoothly. He still could not manage to play a lot of the harder tunes aside from some children songs. But Minuki-chan seemed happy about that. Well, at least someone was happy.

Still, he could not help to feel a tad bit disappointed. He had wanted so much to learn even more from Naruhodou-san. He had thought about it really. If Naruhodou-san becomes an attorney again, he would be able to see how he does his… err, defending job. And then he would try observe the way he handled a case and learn from it. At least that should be easier for him to pick up rather than having to figure out the meaning of Naruhodou-san’s encrypted clues. Naruhodou-san’s past cases reports did not satisfy his curiosity for knowledge enough, despite how concise and detailed his reports were. He had never wrote in detail on what did his Magatama really do or how did he had collected his information and other stuffs like that. Not to mention why most of his cases had involved a certain Ayasato clan…

Also, Naruhodou-san was not one to write his thoughts in his reports as well.

“Aaaaaah! It was so FRUSTRATING!”

“What’s so frustrating to you… Odoroki-kun? Is there any problem assaulting our dear young attorney now?”

Odoroki jumped as he looked up just to find Naruhodou Ryuuichi staring down at him in amusement.


The older man eyed him again in concern. Minuki suddenly popped up from behind him as she smiled at him.

‘What’s the problem, Odoroki-san?” said the younger girl.

“Ah! Naruhodou-san… Minuki-chan! N-nothing at all!” he said nervously as Naruhodou’s stare remained unwavering.

“I don’t believe you—you must’ve been hiding something.” said the man as he gave him a knowing look. “—Fess up, Odoroki-kun. Or do you want me to do it the hard way?”

Odoroki started to break a sweat as he looked around for escape. It was only that time that he noticed that the two of them were a bit different today.

“Err… eh! Minuki-chan! It was seldom to see you wearing something other that your magician costume. Going somewhere?” Odoroki exclaimed nervously as Minuki shrugged.

“We’re going to the funfair! Wanna join us? But Odoroki-san… you shouldn’t avert the topic just like that. You haven’t answered papa’s question!”

Odoroki grinned nervously at her. Busted.

Naruhodo just shrugged.

“Never mind that… Odoroki-kun didn’t need to say it aloud any way; I know what’s bothering him. I don’t even need to break any Psycho-locks to find out about it.” said the man coolly.

Odoroki blinked. “Y-you… knew, Naruhodou-san? Then why did you still asked me about it?”

Naruhodou just glanced sideways.

“It’s not like it really mattered after all—“

“Didn’t matter? You’re one of the best defense attorneys there is in this country! What do you mean it didn’t matter if you didn’t retake the Bar Exam to become a lawyer again?”

The man smirked.

“Finally, the words came out of your mouth. Was it that hard to say it out loud?”

Odoroki could barely keep himself from shaking too hard. But before he could say anything, a knock was heard on the door. Both of them turned as Minuki hurried to open the door. A smile immediately adorned the face of the former attorney as he greeted the visitor.

“Now, this is indeed a pleasant surprise! Is there something special happening today? Or did an earthquake happen somewhere so now you’ve come to me; tails between your legs, to ask to be comforted?”

Adjusting the glasses resting on the bridge of his nose, the man leaning by the side of the door glared at him before walking into the office.

“Haha, very funny. Is this how you treat a friend who had helped you a lot in the past? That Jurist System of yours wouldn’t have materialized out of nothing if you alone had been working on it, you know?”

Naruhodou laughed aloud.

“My mistake. It’s just that I was a bit amused by this sudden visit. You, of all people would not come visiting my office for no reason… Mitsurugi.”

Odoroki stuttered.

“I wasn’t mistaken then! You—! You’re Mitsurugi Reiji! The legendary Demon Prosecutor!” exclaimed the lad as both men glanced towards him.

Naruhodou raised an eyebrow at Mitsurugi in amusement. “You hear that? You’re a legend too!”

Mitsurugi grinned. “Throw that sarcasm back at yourself, former Legendary Ace Attorney! And yeah… you’re right; I did come here with a purpose.”

He cocked his head at him.

“Ah… as expected. I guess you also seek the same answers as Odoroki-kun here? And may I guess… you came here as a representative of a certain group of friends who were also concerned about my current predicament?”

Mitsurugi smiled.

“Your wild guesses are as accurate as always. I guess there are some aspects of yourself that had remained unchanged throughout the years. So, are you going to give an answer to that?”

Odoroki was at awe. This man had been able to say aloud the things that he had wanted to say these past three weeks and doing it so flawlessly the way that he could not imagine of doing. To top it off, he managed to counter Naruhodou-san’s retorts just as smoothly! It was just proof that he still had a lot to learn, he had only faced a number of opponents in court after all. There was Prosecutor Garyuu and that ‘Rookie Killer’ old prosecutor. And the only other attorneys that he knew were Naruhodou-san and Garyuu-san. He never got to know any other attorneys and prosecutors than these people yet. Perhaps, based on his level of experience currently… he probably could not win against Prosecutor Mitsurugi in court…

Naruhodou’s eyes twinkled as he turned towards Odoroki.

“Surprised? Well, don’t let that get to you. Mitsurugi’s an old friend; we went FAR back in the old days. Minuki, would you mind to serve some tea for our guest? I know we still have some at the back kitchen—“

Minuki cried her affirmative as she fled to prepare tea. Naruhodou smiled fondly as he eyed the fleeting shadow of his adopted daughter.


Naruhodou turned to cast a sly glance at him.

“Shouldn’t you of all people know of my decision already? The situation that I’ve faced seven years ago was almost similar to yours in a sense. Just that, our positions were different and the results that happened afterwards were also different. Or, should I also leave a piece of note behind and choose death as an answer?”

“You can’t be serious!” Odoroki gasped as both men cast a knowing glance towards each other. “Choosing death? What kind of decision was that—?“

“You really are bent on getting your answers, aren’t you… Odoroki-kun? Are you sure you’re up for it?” asked the older man as he turned to face him.

Odoroki swallowed. That one statement had no inch of any threatening words, yet the message underlining those words were as sharp. There was turning back from this any more. He nodded.

“Yes, I won’t back off from this… Naruhodou-san. I’d like to hear the answers from your own mouth.”

A sigh.

“Very well…”

~ by Izumi Ishtar on September 26, 2008.

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