Rise from the Ashes – Chapter 3

Title: Rise from the Ashes
Chapter title: Flashes of Karma
Genre: General/Drama
Fandom: Gyakuten Saiban
Rating: G
Summary: Post GS4. After the conclusion of the Ese Makoto’s case as well as the success of the first trial case for the Jurist System, young Odoroki was left to wonder what was to become of one former Ace Attorney.


“Waii… it’s been a while!”

“Isn’t it…?” said the older man as they looked on to see the festivities around them.

Minuki smiled as she turned towards Odoroki.

“Have you gone to festivals like this as well in the past, Odoroki-san?”

Odoroki scratched his head.

“I guess… not. I’ve been studying a lot in the past and didn’t have any free time to go out. And the orphanage that I used to live in was quite far from any town…so I never got any chance to go.”

“Too bad…” said the girl as the older man looked at the boy curiously. How was his life like… anyway, when Yuumi-san had to leave him behind? All of those years…

“… it’s been a long time since I’ve been to places like this as well.”

Naruhodou Ryuuichi turned around towards Mitsurugi.

“You sure? How long was that?”

Mitsurugi grinned at him.

“Since that last festival the three of us had gone to when we used to be kids…”

Naruhodou looked at him in surprise.

“You lie! You don’t say… ever since you had lived with the Karuma’s, you hadn’t even gone to festivals like these any more?”

Mitsurugi shrugged.

“Nope. Did you seriously think Karuma Gou the kind of person who would actually take his children to places like this? Even when he only had his daughters with him… he never took them out on any trip or outings.”

“Then we seriously had to drag you out more like this… Mitsurugi-san! You can’t be allowed to miss out on these anymore!” said Minuki as she grabbed his hand along with Ryuuichi’s as they continued walking. Mitsurugi Reiji could not help but smile at the young girl.

Naruhodou mused a bit on the things that Mitsurugi had said before commenting.

“Really… huh? I wonder how she was now… Mei-san, I mean…”

“Who was this… Mei-san, Papa?” asked Minuki as Ryuuichi looked down towards her. He smiled.

“Karuma Mei… was the daughter of Karuma Gou, the man who adopted Mitsurugi after his father died. Her father, Karuma Gou… used to be a great prosecutor in his time. Like her father, Mei-san was also a prosecutor… a prodigy, as she used to call herself—since she had been a prosecutor at a very young age. Just like your friend, Kyouya-kun.”

Odoroki turned to look at him as he noticed Naruhodou’s gaze started to soften as he talked. As he heard how he had described Karuma Mei, slowly he started to understand why Naruhodou-san had commented like that when he said that ‘we tend to get a lot of that every year’ after saying that Kyouya was called a genius prosecutor. Come to think… it had been the same as well, isn’t it? For Mitsurugi-san…

“When I used to be an attorney, Mei-san… used to whip me a lot whenever she had a chance to. At first, she did that because she didn’t like me… but later it was like she would whip me a lot out of habit. Then again… Mei-san whips everyone as she pleased. But thinking back, it’s not like I hadn’t done anything wrong to deserve some.”

“Eh! Did it hurt a lot?” asked Minuki as he shrugged.

“I’d be lying if I say it didn’t. But regardless of her strange quirks, she was a good friend. She and Mitsurugi used to help me a lot in the past… especially on this one case that I had been involved. And despite our differences, I could see through her to say that she was a good girl. Kind of cute also at times,” said Naruhodou again with a smile.

Mitsurugi snorted at the last statement as he glanced at him in amusement.

“Fancy hearing that from your mouth about her, considering how she had treated you in the past. I wonder what would be her reaction if she heard that herself.”

Naruhodou grinned to himself before noticing something. He turned around to see for sure but the apparition that he thought he saw was no more.

Strange…I thought for a second there, I saw Karuma Mei passed by us.

But could it be a coincidence? Then again what he saw just now… was a bit different. He swore the last time he saw that girl; her hair was not that long. Perhaps because they were just mentioning her that he thought he saw her. Ah well…

“How interesting… I never knew that you are on good terms with many prosecutors, Naruhodou-san!”

Naruhodou turned towards the young attorney as he shrugged.

“Isn’t that… normal? Lawyers and prosecutors worked together in order to get to the truth. Would it not be a surprise to see them be in good terms with each other? Weren’t you and Kyouya-kun like that as well?”

Odoroki scratched his head in embarrassment.

“I guess so… but I saw a lot of them not getting along. Like that Prosecutor Aiuchi… I can’t see if I could get along with that old guy.”

Naruhodo laughed.

“Well… that old guy was different. I wonder if he still holds a grudge at me… if he even remembered about it.” Ryuuichi smiled in amusement as he recalled his first court case and the one earlier when he had been a defendant accused of committing murder.

Odoroki looked at him curious but before he could ask, Minuki started to pull Naruhodou-san away towards a shooting stand. Naruhodou glanced at her in amusement as he noticed the row of prize on the stand.

“What do you want then… Minuki? I’ll get it for—”

But before he could do anything, Mitsurugi grabbed the rifle from him and shot down a prize. Ryuuichi glanced at him in surprise as he gave the small Himesaman doll to Minuki.

“Do you like it? The other prize didn’t look so interesting anyway…”

Minuki smiled widely as she said her thanks loudly. Mitsurugi smiled smugly as Naruhodou looked at him suspiciously. Hey… whose daughter are you trying to impress?

“What? You think you could shoot better than me?” he jeered at him as Naruhodou bought some of the choco bananas on another stall and gave one to Minuki. Mitsurugi and Odoroki also bought some sweets from the other stands as they kept walking.

“I never imagined that you’d be so good with kids,” he commented as Mitsurugi looked away in embarrassment. Naruhodou smiled.

“—are you still watching the Tonosaman series, by the way? I used to wonder if you had also been a fan all these times…” he teased as Mitsurugi suddenly choked on his dango. Naruhodou grinned as his friend glared at him, red faced.


Odoroki watched silently over his seniors as Naruhodou and Mitsurugi seemed to enjoy the festival with Minuki dragging them around. Occasionally, he was dragged as well by the young magician—playing some of the games and took his chance to hear as Naruhodou-san and Mitsurugi-san started to talk again about the ‘old times’. It was by this time that he remembered about his true attention for joining them for the festival.

“Naruhodou-san… despite earlier when you said that you had some misgivings at returning to the law profession, I can’t help noticing that you seemed to like to talk about the past.”

Naruhodou leered at him for a second before looking away.

“And we’re back talking about work again. You seemed to like to do that. Did you teach him that… Mitsurugi?”

Mitsurugi shrugged innocently. Naruhodou sighed.

“I just liked to talk about it. It’s been a while since I’ve spent time chatting with Mitsurugi after all. And it’s not like he’s fond of talking about the times when we used to be kids…”

“But it still appear that you loved those memories that you had when you’ve been an attorney—” said Odoroki again as Naruhodou frowned at him.

Hmm… it seemed that you are persistent at continuing our nice little talk back at the Agency. Well… here’s your chance now, Odoroki-kun. I’ll give it to you. Why is it that you’re so adamant of wanting me to becoming a lawyer again?”

Finally, the chance that he had been waiting for had arrived! Even Mitsurugi had appeared to be waiting for him to talk. Odoroki took a long breath as he spoke.


~ by Izumi Ishtar on October 2, 2008.

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