Rippled Dimensions

Title: Rippled Dimensions
Universe: Original, Decade and AR Rider worlds (Heisei Universe)
Fandom: Kamen Rider Decade
Rating: G
Genre: Supernatural, Mystery
Summary: Before it all started, before the journey ever begins… strange happenings had started happening in the eight Rider worlds. Once again the nine Kamen Riders have to again take upon their Rider lives in order to save their worlds. AU as we wait for the second movie.

A/N: I ended up doing this anyway. XDD This is gonna be a series of 10 one-shots if the plan goes well. Though I’ll probably be on hiatus for a while when I reach Agito and Kuuga’s part, to start watching the series first before continuing the shots. I’ll try to write everyone close to their canons.


Chapter 1: Wataru’s Unease
Chapter 2: Ryoutaro’s shock
Chapter 3: Tendou’s worries
Chapter 4: Hibiki’s concern
Chapter 5: Kenzaki’s departure
Chapter 6: Takumi’s reunion
Chapter 7: Shinji’s choice
Chapter 8: Yuusuke’s resolve
Chapter 9: Shouichi, taking over
Chapter 10: Tsukasa’s Beginning

Title: The Next Journey
Fandom: Kamen Rider Decade
Rating: G
Genre: Supernatural
Summary: Tsukasa contemplates on the things to come…
A/N: This initially started as an RP journal entry for my Tsukasa, but after I had finished with it, I realized that it could stand by itself as a one-shot. Seeing as I had written it as a third person POV. If anyone wanted to interact with him (with your own characters), the post is here.
A/N2: It should already be implied that there would be spoilers for the end of series and movies. And there would be some reference to Rippled Dimensions.

~ by Izumi Ishtar on September 5, 2009.

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