Hidarime fics part 1

Order of fic listed corresponds to the order of the time and episode it’s based on. Post had been broken down to two parts for better organization, because I know I’m gonna write lots.

* Notes on Yumehito/Yumeto’s name aka spelling. My stands on this is neutral aka I used both of them. Further explanation, refer to my RP acc – hanzai_planner @ LJ or here.


Title: Insecurities
Characters: Tanaka Yumehito, Tanaka Ainosuke
Summary: Set six years back, Yumeto struggles with himself as the guilt from his past refused to leave him.

Title: Wavering
Characters: Tanaka Yumehito, Tanaka Ainosuke
Summary: Set four years prior. Even the strongest mountain could fall prey to the harsh element, and Yumeto… was just a mere human.

Title: Smile
Characters: Tanaka Ainosuke
Summary: He always loved his smiles. Mentions of the SP but not definitely set during that time.

Title: The Letter
Characters: Tanaka Yumehito, Tanaka Ainosuke
Summary: Set during the SP. Sometimes, a single letter could convey many thoughts.

Title: The things you do
: Tanaka Yumehito, Tanaka Ainosuke
Summary: SP-verse. He had wondered if a single act of selfless kindness could wash away everything.

Title: The Next Movement
Characters: Tanaka Yumehito
Summary: Based on episode 1 and spoilers on the last episode (as well as speculations on it). Yumehito gave some thought over his serial kidnapping plan.
Parts: 1| 2

Title: Gift
Characters: Tanaka Yumehito, Tanaka Ainosuke
Summary: Set in the middle of episode 2, with mentions of the past. Yumehito reminisced about some of the pleasant memories he had with Ainosuke.


Title: Shattered Glass
Characters: Tanaka Yumehito & Tanaka Ainosuke
Summary: Somehow Yumehito wondered about what he felt about his little brother. Or what Ainosuke thought about him.

Title: Lost Kindness
Characters: Tanaka Ainosuke, with brief appearance of Tanaka Yumehito
Summary: Ainosuke wondered if he was still a fool for thinking that Yumehito still had some good in his heart. Slight mention of Ep. 3

Title: Link
Characters: Tanaka Yumehito, Komukai Noriko
Summary: Post episode 3. Komukai Noriko tells Yumehito of a certain matter of interest

Title: Little brothers are nice
Characters: Tanaka Yumehito, Tanaka Ainosuke with random appearance of Officer Kato
Summary: Post Episode 3 thus the uber slight mention of it. Just a bit of little brother love…

Title: Frozen Time
Characters: Tanaka Ainosuke, Tanaka Yumehito
Summary: Set before episode 4. Suddenly Ainosuke could not help but recall the memories of his brother, smiling at him as he pondered over his usual sudoku puzzles…

Title: Concern
Characters: Tanaka Yumehito mostly, with the rest of the characters making an appearance
Summary: Set during episode 4, after the first Blue Heaven live. It was a rare chance for Yumehito to be by Ainosuke’s side. So, why don’t he make use of the chance to show a bit of concern over his little brother?

Title: Coincidence
Characters: Tanaka Yumehito, Sayama Hitomi
Summary: Set during episode 4. In Yumehito’s plan, there were rarely any coincidences happening. That also included the presence of one Sayama Hitomi.

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