Other drama fics

Because I sometimes writes on other series out of random.


Title: Loop
: Serizawa Naoto, Naruse Ryo/Manaka Tomoo, with mentions of Sakita Shiori
Summary: Naoto gave some thought over the relationship the three of them seemed to have created between themselves. Second half was on Tomoo’s side. Last episode related. Ryo/TomooxShiori, one-sided NaotoxShiori

Title: Lilies
: Sakita Shiori, with mentions of Manaka Tomoo
Summary: She had always loved lilies. Yet now, the flower held a different presence in her heart. Shiori-centric, post series.

Bloody Monday

Title: Important Person
Characters: Takagi Fujimaru, Kujo Otoya
Summary: Set near the end of the drama. Otoya had some thoughts as he watched Fujimaru walked in into the Third-i facility…

Title: Third time’s…  the charm?
Characters: Takagi Fujimaru, Kujo Otoya
Summary: Post BM2. It’s been months since then and it seemed this time Fujimaru and everyone could finally live peacefully. But suddenly two mysterious people had appeared before Fujimaru! Would this mark the beginning of another… a third Bloody Monday incident?
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~ by Izumi Ishtar on May 13, 2010.

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