Gokaiger & Magiranger

Mahou Sentai Magiranger

Title: A Bit of Magic
Prompt: Mahou Sentai Magiranger, Any, their favourite non-battle magic spell. From [personal profile] haruka at [community profile] fic_promptly
Summary: Post episode 9. Perhaps Kai should have chosen something else to practice his alchemy on and not play with his food.

Title: Peace of the Heaven
Fandom: Mahou Sentai Magiranger
Character: Kai Ozu, mentions of Miyuki Ozu and siblings
Summary: Well, he couldn’t help himself if the song made him go to sleep… could he?

Title: New Beginning
Character: Kai Ozu, and everyone~
Summary: Post series. Kai wondered if he could really be entrusted with something so important.

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

Title: Passing the Torch: AkaRed
Summary: Kai could not have expected to receive a visit from someone…

Title: Passing the Torch: MagiRed
Summary: Kai Ozu knew that he was right in testing the one the pirates called ‘Doc’. Ep 3 related.

Title: Passing the Torch: DekaRed
Summary: To see that those pirates were the unlikeliest of their types, Ban cannot help feeling amused. Ep 5 related.

Title: Passing the Torch: GekiRed
Summary: It’s amusing to see how funny those pirates could act amongst themselves. Ep 7 related.

Title: Passing the Torch: GaoRed
Summary: Those brats are just smart-mouths! Episode 9 related.

Title: Passing the Torch: ShinkenRed
Summary: Based on Ep 11 , 12. At first, those pirates had seemed to be uncouth and rude. But perhaps, they were not all that different after all.

Title: Passing the Torch: RedRacer
Summary: Based on episode 14. Really, Kyousuke was being embarrassing.

Title: Passing the Torch: Hyuuga and GingaRed
Summary: This is not the usual kind of space pirates they have met. Episode 20 related.

Title: Passing the Torch: BoukenRed
Summary: Based on episode 21. Some favours needed to be paid back properly.

Title: Passing the Torch: GoPink and GoRed
Summary: Based on episode 23. Matsuri thought about her encounter with Ahim and Luka.

Title: Passing the Torch: HurricaneRed
Summary: Those pirates did ended up impressing them. Based on episode 25 – 26.

Title: Passing the Torch: Red Hawk
Summary: Based on episode 28. Ako called on her fellow friends again as she wanted to talk to them about something.

Title: Passing the Torch: Abare Blue and Abare Pig
Summary: Based on episode 29. Emiri had a rampage of her own…

Title: Passing the Torch: Yellow Lion and Red Falcon
Summary: Based on episode 30. Jou ponders about him meeting Joe.

TitlePassing the Torch: Oh Red and Oh Pink
Summary: Based on episode 31. Sometimes, things just don’t go according to plan.

Title: Passing the Torch: RyuuRanger
Summary: Based on episode 33. Ryo chatted with his customers about Gai.

Title: Passing the Torch: Go-on Red
Summary: Based on episode 35-36. Sousuke found that the pirates were not that easy to figure out at first glance.

Title: Passing the Torch: Mega Red
Summary: Based on episode 39. A lesson on youth should be in order.

Title: Passing the Torch: Time Yellow and Time Red
Summary: Based on episode 40. Time works in a very strange way…

Title: Passing the Torch: Battle Kenya
Summary: Based on episode 44. Christmas is a time for merriment…

Title: Not Just a Princess
Character: Captain Marvelous, Ahim de Famille
Summary: Based on episode 7-8. Ahim just baffled him. Really, he only wanted to reassure her…

Title: Inheriting the Faith
Characters: Captain Marvelous, with random appearances of the crew as well as mentions of past sentai members.
Summary: Based on episode 26. Being a Red had its own pressures.

Title: Trust
Summary: Based on ep 35. The fact that Sousuke reacted differently unnerved her.

Title: The Bonds we share: GokaiRed and Machalcon
Characters: Marvelous, Yousuke, Machalcon, Speedor ect
Summary: Based on ep 37,38. At the end of the day, Marvelous reflects on the things that had happened as he wondered about the bonds he had with his crew and the things important to him.
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