Ultraman and drama



Title: Child of the Family: Mebius
Fandom: Ultraman Mebius
Character: Taro, mentions of Mebius
Rating: G
Summary: Based on ep 29-30. In a way, Mebius reminded him a lot of himself.

Ultra Galaxy

Title: To Protect that Important Person
Character: Kate, mentions of Rei/Raymon
Summary: Some sacrifices are necessary in order to protect those important to you. Kate-centric

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Title: Of Monster Battles and Bonds
Character: Gomora, Litra, Rei, mentions of the other ZAP people
Summary: To the three great monsters, Rei was not just any other master…

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Title: A Place to Call Home
Character: Rei, Grande, Kate
Summary: Post series. As they about to reach Earth, Rei wondered if he would be accepted there.


Title: A New Chapter: Zero
Character: Zero, mentions of Mebius, Seven and the 6 brothers
Summary: Finally returning to the Land of Light, Zero pondered about the future.


The Quiz Show

Title: Reach for you
Characters: Honma Toshio, Kamiyama Satoru, random popups of other people…
Summary: Honma finally was released, and Kamiyama is not intending to let his friend slip away from his reach anymore.

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Title: Scars of Love
Characters: Katsuragi Sachi, mentions of Goda Ryoji and Katsuragi Sachie
Summary: Sachi mused to herself about Goda Ryuji, with relation to herself… as well as Sachie.

Title: Pledge
Characters: Kuroki Shun, mentions of Goda Ryoji and Katsuragi Kiyoko
Summary: Despite the fact it was finally over now, Shun realized there was still something he needed to do before he could walk away from this case.

Team Batista

Title: Coffee for Thoughts
Characters: Shiratori Keisuke, Hayami Koichi
Summary: Post Ariadne. Shiratori had some thoughts over the things that happened over a cup of coffee.

~ by Izumi Ishtar on July 3, 2011.

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