Kamen Rider OOO

Kamen Rider OOO

Title: A Desire to Love
Character: Mezool, Gamel, mentions of Ankh
Summary: Pre-series. From the very beginning… he was like the most magnificent bird she had ever set her eyes on.

Title: Reason for Existence
Character: Ankh, Mezool, mentions of Gamel, Uva, Kazari
Summary: AU. Pre-series. Ankh had been wondering what was the reason of their existence.
Part1 | 2 |

TitleIce candies
Character: Ankh, mentions of Hino Eiji
Summary: Set near the end of episode 2 but before meeting up with Hina. Ankh muses over an ice candy…

: Ankh, Hino Eiji
Summary: It was still too soon to say, but Ankh can’t help feeling concerned. Set near the end of ep 4.

Character: Ankh, Hino Eiji
Summary: The moment Kougami Kousei finally revealed himself to them, Ankh already felt he could not be trusted.

Character: Ankh, Izumi Hina, Hino Eiji
Summary: Ankh put some thoughts over Izumi Hina. Set during episode 9, with mentions of past episodes. Ankh-centric.

Character: Ankh, Izumi Hina, Hino Eiji
Summary: Ankh mused over the possibility of finding another person to replace Eiji as OOO. Ep 9 related.

Characters: Ankh
Summary: Set during ep 9. Ankh wondered if his decision on siding with humans was the right one.

Characters: Ankh
Summary: Ankh didn’t even want to recollect how his hand had shaken. Ep 20-centric

Title: A Moment of Weakness
Characters: Hino Eiji, Ankh, Izumi Hina
Summary: Post 20. It never struck him that Ankh could fall sick, considering he was not the one being thrown from on top of a building into the sea.

Title: Chocolates
: Hina Izumi, mentions of Ankh and Eiji, Satonaka
: The fact that Ankh did not seemed interested to get any Valentine chocolates annoyed her.
Parts1 | 2

TitleA Risk Worth Taking
Characters: Ankh, mentions of Eiji, Gotou, Date, Kougami
Summary: Considering the situation right now, Ankh knew that this action was a risk worth taking. Ep 25-centric.

Title: Standstill
Character: Ankh, Hina, Eiji
Summary: In the end, they were still neither here nor there.
Part1 | 2

Title: Keeping Ankh
Characters: Kazari, Dr. Maki, Hino Eiji, Ankh,
Summary: Post 30. Kazari always wanted to have an Ankh of his own… anyway

Title: Extra Helper
Characters: Shiraishi Chiyoko, Ankh, Hino Eiji
Summary: Chiyoko wonders if she could properly and truly get Ankh to help out in Cous Coussier. Never would Ankh imagine what would be in store for him.
Part1 | 2

TitleUnstable emotions
Character: Ankh, mentions of Hino Eiji
Summary: With Eiji acting reckless in order to save him, it was no wonder that Ankh gets angry. Near end of ep. 34.

Title: Reason to Smile
Character: Hino Eiji, mentions of Ankh
Summary: Based on episode 39 & 40. Even for a bit, he wanted Ankh to be able to leave the troubling thoughts aside and smile.
1 |

TitleRescue Me
Character: Ankh, a bit of Hina, Eiji, and even this one other.
Summary: Based on Ep 40. Ankh did not expect to be taken in this way…

Title: Back to the good old days…
Character: Hino Eiji, Ankh
Summary: Set in between 43 and 44. Eiji wished that things could have gone back to the good old days
Part1 | 2

Title: Kiss
Characters/Pairing: Ankh, Mezool
Summary: Post 44. Mezool was curious about something and they needed some distraction after what has happened.

Character: Ankh, Mezool, mentions of Doctor Maki, Hino Eiji and Izumi Hina
Summary: Mid-45 and 46. Doctor Maki’s words kept on bothering him and Ankh started having second thoughts. But where else can he go from this point?

TitleOf cats and birds and things in between
Character: Hino Eiji, mentions of Ankh
Summary: Hints on 46. It’s a bit weird… thinking of Ankh in this light.

TitleTime judged all
Character: Ankh, mentions of Hino Eiji
Summary: Mentions of 46. With an ironic twist, both of their fates have crossed each other from past to present.

Character: Ankh, Izumi Hina
Summary: Episode 46. This situation is not easy for her as well.

Character: Ankh, talking about Eiji
Summary: Mentions of episode 47. It was really annoying… this idiotic useful person.

Character: Ankh, Izumi Hina, mentions of Eiji, Mezool, Kazari, Gamel
Summary: Ankh thinks about death. His, obviously.

Title: Selfish
Character: Izumi Hina, Ankh
Summary: 47. Complimentary ficlet for Death. Chiyoko was right, she should be more selfish about what she wants.

Title: Hold your hand
Characters: Ankh, Izumi Hina and Hino Eiji
Summary: 48-esque. Guess when there was nothing you could say to make it better, you only have to hold each other’s hand.

Title: On one’s own term
Characters: Ankh, brief appearance of Izumi Hina and Hino Eiji
Summary: 48-based. Ankh-centric. He started it all… so he should be the one to end it. On his own terms

Title: Goodbye
Characters: Izumi Hina and Hino Eiji,  Ankh
Summary: 48. Saying goodbyes are hard. So why don’t we just do away with it?

Title: Someday…
Characters: Hino Eiji, Izumi Hina, Izumi Shingo, mentions of Ankh
Summary: Set near the conclusion of 48. Sitting by himself in Cous Coussier, Eiji thought back about Ankh and what has transpired during the past several days.

Title: Return
Summary: Post series AU. Eiji had always looked for ways to get Ankh back. He never thought Ankh would return to his side this way. Crossover with Fourze
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