Merlin fics

Title: Bad Prank
Character: Arthur Pendragon, Merlin, Gaius, mentions of Guinnevere
Summary: 3×03. Off all the enchantments he had been placed under in the past, he never predicted something like this to happen to him. Honestly, this was beyond embarassing.

Title: Vigil: Flashback
Character: Arthur Pendragon, Merlin, Kilgharrah, Morgana Pendragon, etc
Summary: Post Season 4. Pre-Vigil. An unexpected attempt on Arthur’s life lead to another unexpected revelation.
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Title: Vigil
Character: Arthur Pendragon, Merlin, mentions of many other people
Summary: Post Season 4. Arthur looked back into the events in his life as he pondered over how Merlin had grew into someone he mostly cherished. Pseudo Reveal!fic.

Title: Vigil: Dreams
Character: Arthur Pendragon, Merlin, Gaius, Guinevere Pendragon
Summary: Post Season 4. Set during Vigil. The dream must end at one point.

Title: Secrets
Character: Arthur Pendragon, Merlin
Summary: Offshots to Vigil. Now that Merlin’s awake, Arthur braced himself for the revelation that was coming. But just how many secrets that Merlin was having? Post Season 4.
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~ by Izumi Ishtar on February 11, 2012.

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