Korean sageuk and drama fandom

All are rated G unless stated.

추노/Chuno/The Slave Hunters

Title: The General and the Girl
Genre: Free-verse poetry
: Song Taeha, Eonnyeon/Kim Hyewon
Summary: Between love and duty, could one truly able to choose one?

TitleRustic Blade 
Genre: Free-verse poetry
: Song Taeha

Title: Love, Changes/Stigma, Promises
Character: Song Taeha, Eonnyeon/Kim Hyewon
Summary: When their path first touched, he didn’t realize how much the woman named Kim Hyewon would have turned his life… his beliefs, around.
| 1 | 2 |

Title: Death Wishes
Character: Lee Daegil, Song Taeha, Eonnyeon/Kim Hyewon
Summary: It seemed everyone had death wishes these days…

Title: Chuno Chronicles
Summary: Collection of drabbles written for the fandom. Can be either character pieces or stuffs.
Death’s Bed | Prayers | Lies | Hands | Betrayer | Useful | Regret | Victor |
Better | Together | Burden | Guardian | Survivor | Compeer | Brother | Guilt |
Helpless | Friend | Names | Embrace | Unfair | Unworthy | Family | Love | Son |
Relief | Confidant | Protect | Unclear | Enemy | Important |

Title: Path Taken
Character: Hwang Cheolwoong, Song Taeha
Summary: The path that he had chosen was not the most righteous. Yet it was still the path he had taken.
| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |

Title: Hurt
Character: Kim Hyewon, Song Taeha
Summary:  Seeing how much her husband tried to evade facing her truth and the tears he tried to stopper, she knew how much she have hurt him.

무사 백동수/Musa Baek Dongsoo/Warrior Baek Dongsoo

Title: Pride
Character: Kim Gwang Taek, mentions of Baek Dongsoo
Summary: If he had a son, Dongsoo would be it. The child have grown to be so much he could ever hoped for.

Title: Angry
Character: Baek Dongsoo, barely a mention of Yeo Un and Yang Cho Rip
Summary: He scarscely ever remembered being angry at Cho Rip for too long. This was an exception.

Title: Fate
Character: Baek Dongsoo, Yeo Un
Summary: Fate sometimes can be changed. Sometimes, you cannot change it. He learnt that now. Fate can be kind and cruel.

제3의 병원/The 3rd Hospital

Title: Empathy
Character: Jin Hyein, mentions of Kim Seunghyun
Summary: She wouldn’t have expected to know more about Dr. Kim Sunghyun than she would have wanted.

Character: Kim Seunghyun, Kim Ha Yoon
Summary: All his life, he had always wanted his father to acknowledge him.

Title: Different
Character: Kim Seunghyun
Summary: When he first stepped in this hospital, nobody gave him any regards. Yet now, he was treated differently.

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