Ultra fictions

ウルトラマンティガ/Ultraman Tiga

Title: Shine
Characters: Iruma Megumi, Madoka Daigo, Sawai Souichirou
Summary: She never thought she would learn more about Tiga’s secrets, yet it appeared that the light was somewhere quite near.

Title: The Light of Tiga
Characters: Madoka Daigo, Iruma Megumi, mentions of Kamilla, Yanase Rena
Summary: Post Final Odyssey. After Ruruya, Daigo started to rethink about the path he should take in the future.
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Title: Passing the Light
Characters: Madoka (Yanase) Rena, Madoka Daigo, Madoka Hikari, mentions of Iruma Megumi, Asuka Shin
Summary: Six years later, Daigo meets Asuka once more.

ウルトラマンコスモス/Ultraman Cosmos

Title: Fubuki’s Dilemma
Characters: Fubuki Keisuke, Haruno Musashi
Summary: Why did he have to worry so much over this kid?

ウルトラマンオーブ/Ultraman Orb

Title: Frustrating
Characters: Jugglus Juggler, Kurenai Gai
Summary: Origin-verse. He hoped this wouldn’t be the start of even more frustrations to be had.

Title: Stranger
Characters: Jugglus Juggler, Micott
Summary: Origin-verse. She couldn’t help finding him to be an interesting person.

Title: Fine
Characters: Jugglus Juggler, Micott
Summary: Origin-verse. Because she said so, he wanted to believe in it.
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Title: Denial
Characters: Jugglus Juggler, Yumeno Naomi, Kurenai Gai
Summary: [Ep 25] It wasn’t as if he considered himself a hero type.

Title: Five Times Gai Annoyed Juggler with his Orbnica (and One Time He Finally Snapped)
Characters: Jugglus Juggler, Kurenai Gai, mentions of Natasha, Yumeno Naomi
Summary: That tune Gai loves playing had always grated on his nerves!
| 1 | Omake |

Title: Surprise Party
Characters: Kurenai Gai, Jugglus Juggler, Yumeno Naomi, Yumeno Keiko
| 1 | 2 | 3 | Omake |

Title: Painful Memory
Characters: Jugglus Juggler, Manager Black, Kurenai Gai, mentions of Yumeno Naomi, Micott
Summary: Gai came looking for Juggler again, and perhaps found him at his most vulnerable time.
A/N: Set in the present, but there were mentions of stuff from Origin Saga.

Title: Tears
Characters: Jugglus Juggler, Kurenai Gai, mentions of Micott
Summary: It took him a very long time to get to this point, but it was better late than never.

~ by Izumi Ishtar on January 31, 2017.

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